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COVID-19 is undoubtedly having an enormous impact on the world. Governments around the world are now issuing restrictions on travel, gatherings, and meetings in an effort to limit and slow the spread of the virus. The health and safety of all the participant is our first priority. The ICEMGD 2020 will not be cancelled. For the convenience of the participants, those who cannot be present in person will be invited to join the session online. The goal of the online session is to help more promising scholars to introduce their research results. We hope the online conference of ICEMGD 2020 will be valuable and engaging for both presenters and attendees.

Please note that by holding an online conference does NOT mean that we will cancel the onsite conference. The final decision on the details of the onsite conference will be made 60 days before August 1.

Overall Format of the Online Conference

All invited authors at the virtual conference will be giving their presentations using pre-recorded videoes. The recommended length of the videoes is around 15 minutes, videos shorter than 12 minutes or longer than 18 minutes will not be accepted. An official YouTube channel of the online conference will be created. All accepted videos will be uploaded to said channel. Discussion on the content of the papers will be conducted in the comment section of the videoes. The author email of each paper will also be displayed in the description box. We encourage all participants to contact the author. You can refer to the YouTube Channel of ASPLOS 20 for more information about the format of the conference.

Information for Authors

Treated in the same way as onsite conference authors, speakers in the online conference will also receive a printed certificate of oral presentation. The presentation videoes will be listed on the official YouTube channel permanently.

Record & Upload Videos

Invited presenters can follow the instructions on THIS FILE to record and upload your presentations. Each video should contain a set of slides and should be timed to be within the time limit. The video and slides should be in widescreen format (16:9). The slides can be created in any presentation software e.g. PowerPoint, Keynote, etc. that allows you to export to PDF. You should upload the final video as well as and the exported slides in PDF format to and email the link to us.

Important Dates

The online conference will be held on August 1, 2020, the same day as the on location coference, as it is the date people have reserved to attend the conference.

All the presentation videos should be uploaded before July 20, 2020.

Conference Fees

Viewers of the online conference do not need to pay the conference participation fee. However, invited authors need to pay the processing fee.


How many authors will be giving presentions online?

We will invite the best 8 authors (about 15 percent of all our authors) to show their interesting research results at our online conference.

It's too slow when I upload my video and presentation PDF file to / I can't access

You can choose other online storage platforms (, are our other recommendations) to upload your files. If your email service has the ability to send large files within their system, you could also send the files directly to us. PLEASE DO NOT upload the video directly to YouTube or any other video hosting webistes by yourself and send us a link to it.

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