Workshop Title:

Corporate Strategic Management: Fostering Innovative Business-degree Structures


August, 2023


Birmingham City University


  • Business Leaders
  • Corporate Partnership
  • Institutional Policies
  • Reflective Practice
  • Workplace ethics

Workshop Chair:

Dr. Chinny Nzekwe-Excel
Associate Professor in Birmingham City University

Personal Bio:

Dr. Chinny Nzekwe-Excel is an experienced academic with significant subject expertise in the broad areas of Management Development Initiatives & Repositioning Strategies; International Business; Leadership Concepts; Operations Management Research; Teaching & Learning Innovations; Work-based Learning; and Construction Management. She is also a Statistics Expert; a Senior Fellow of the Advance Higher Education, UK; a Certified Management & Business Educator; and a Leadership and Management Professional.

Chinny is an Associate Professor in Enterprise and Corporate Development. She is the Program Director of the Help to Grow Management, and the Program Director of the Senior Leader Apprenticeship at Birmingham City University, UK. She has strategic involvements with wider & global higher education platforms and has published well over 50 research outputs in leading academic journals & conference/ scholarly networks.

Chinny's research outputs have continued to gain wide attention and international recognition including the Highly Commended Emeralds Literati Networks award. She serves as an editor and a reviewer in several peer-reviewed journals including the Built Environment, Project & Asset Management; Innovations in Education and Teaching Journal; International Journal of Learning; Research & Development, Science Publishing Group.

Workshop Description:


The first step towards empowering learners/ practitioners or business leaders into becoming effective change agents for enhanced sustainability in business practice is to create an environment that enables them to identify their current strengths and development needs. Knowing these will inspire learners/practitioners to build their personal brand and subsequently help them make measurable impacts in the workplace environments. Therefore, with corporate partnership as a core element, learners or business leaders have opportunities to critically reflect on wider organizational issues and to explore evidence-based real-world solutions.


While achieving a business degree (example MBA) may seem attractive, it is a demonstration of the application of the knowledge and skills gained that paves an opening into a specific role in an organization. Evidence show that recent MBA graduates have very little or no experience in the workplace and often lack the confidence to demonstrate their skills & abilities and the poise to express themselves professionally (see Nzekwe-Excel 2021). This inadequacy may result in graduates/ employees who lack the practical skills or the confidence to approach the culture, and expectations of the workplace. Therefore, this session forms part of an innovative degree-structure designed to bridge the gap of developing and harnessing corporate partnership between businesses, as well as creating capable & visionary business leaders to confidently enrich organizational and workplace practices.

  • Nzekwe-Excel, C. (2021) Equipping MBA Graduates for the workplace: The MBA Program with Professional Practice. Change Management: An International Journal, 21(2), pp.21-29

Scope and Information for Participants:

This workshop is ideas-based, and conceptual and reflective in nature and draws on participants' own experiences. Some of the behavioral topics that may be covered include:

  • Explore mechanisms for overcoming hurdles in organizational management and workplace opportunities
  • Develop strategies appropriate for own preferences across blended paradigms
  • Discuss the tips for effective literature searching within the boundary of a chosen business
  • Justify own strategies and outputs in view of an identified organizational issue (area of focus)
  • Showcase of critical review and discussion of relevant studies in context of identified organizational issue
  • Direct own sustainability strategy through effective implementation plan, communication and evaluation metrics
  • Reflect on, and analyze different personal & professional activities in a workplace setting


Birmingham City University, 4 Cardigan Street, Birmingham B4 7BD, UK


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